Types of Contact Lenses

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the various types of contact lenses. The more we learn about you (work, sports, general health etc), will assist us in selecting the best lens for your life-style and needs.

rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses (hard lens)
  1. excellent vision
  2. corrects most vision problems
  3. easy to care for
  4. can last several years and therefore are generally most cost-effective

  1. longest adjustment period
  2. requires patient to wear on a daily basis
  3. can pop off and thus not as suitable for sporting activities
  4. not available in colours
daily-wear soft lenses
  1. immediately comfortable
  2. available in colours to enhance or change your eye colour
  3. more stable on the eye and thus less likely to pop off
  4. available in most prescriptions (astigmatism, bifocal)

  1. vision may not be as clear as a RGP
  2. require annual replacement and thus, long term, is more expensive than RGP lenses
1, 2 or 4 week disposable soft lenses
  1. very simple cleaning system
  2. back-up pair is readily available
  3. very convenient
  1. available in a more limited range of prescriptions than daily wear
  2. vision may not be as clear as RGP lens
  3. thinner than daily wear and thus handling may be more difficult

overnight extended-wear soft lenses
  1. can sleep in this lens
  2. can wear up to 30 days before removing
  3. most convenient
  1. higher risk of infection
  2. not available in every prescription
  3. more appointments with optometrist to monitor eye health
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