Designer Eyewear

Patient care and eye health are top priorities at our office, yet we also understand the importance of fashion.

designer glasses

Our friendly staff are happy to assist you in selecting eyewear that fits both your vision and lifestyle needs.

You decide whether you want your glasses to make a bold statement or project a more subdued look. Whatever your preference, we have just the right design for you, at a price that will suit any budget.

In addition to a great selection of frames, you can choose from many lens options including anti-reflective coatings, UV & Blue Light filters, scratch resistant coatings, and thinner and lighter materials.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban

Bold, classic, trendy - the Ray Ban collection has a model and style to meet everyone's desire. From the Wayfarer classic to the iconic Aviator, we can help you select that perfect frame, which matches your personal style.
Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Unparalleled comfort and design. The Kate Spade collection has created a look which provides that perfect fit and comfort that you have been looking for. The result is class and elegance, with just a hint of quirky. It is a particularly great fit on smaller, more petite faces.
Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Eyewear

Jimmy Choo eyewear takes its name from the leading fashion designer. It is aimed at a broad audience of women who have a sense of style and fashion. Jimmy Choo’s eyewear has its own original personality and several of the frames use a retro styling to provide that dramatic look.
Designer Kliik


Kliik is creative to the core. This funky brand brilliantly blends university girl, funk queen, and hi-tech exec! From punk to posh, this collection speaks out with wit and wisdom.
Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Eyewear

Hugo Boss eyeglasses are rooted in timelessness, not trend. Hugo Boss exists as a style all on its own. The vision is to create products that combine great style with utility. Clean, modern shapes, with a nod to the classics, and elements of surprise are the fundamental principles of the design.

Easy Clip, by Aspex

Easy Clip, by Aspex, presented the world with the best magnetic clip-on glasses line. Their patented top-mounted designs use gravity to ensure the frame-clip system stays in place. Not only will you find fantastic fashion eyewear, but included is a 100% UV protection clip-on that matches in colour, shape and style.

Guess Eyewear

Guess eyewear reflects a young attitude, offering a variety of the styles that appeal from teens to adults. Fashion-forward design details, shapes and colours have helped make Guess one of the most popular brands worldwide.

Also Featuring: Coach, Jaguar, Mexx...and many more great designers!


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