Non-OHIP Covered Examinations

Many of our patients may have coverage through their own insurance plans. Unfortunately, because of the Privacy Act, our office cannot contact your personal insurance company to determine if you are covered. You must personally contact them. In certain circumstances, your employer may have a Benefits Provider contact, who may be able to answer any questions regarding vision coverage.

Following is a contact list of phone numbers of some of the more commonly used insurance companies.

Blue Cross 1‑800‑234‑8881
Empire Life 1‑800‑561‑1268
Great West Life 1‑800‑461‑6090 or 1‑800‑665‑2648
Green Shield 1‑888‑711‑1119
ManuLife 1‑800‑268‑6195
SunLife 1‑800‑361‑6212 or 1‑888‑864‑5463

Each company has their own policy, but typically you simply need to provide the insurance company with a paid receipt. On occasion, they may have an additional form for us to fill out. To facilitate your re-imbursement, kindly bring any forms to your appointment or when you pick up your glasses or contact lenses.

Coverage may also be provided by:

  • Ontario Works
  • Ontario Disability Act
  • Community and Social Services (MCSS)
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Native Affairs

If you feel that you may be covered by any of the above listed groups, you must let us know PRIOR to coming in for your eye appointment. Some of the groups require authorization to claim eligibility and this may take several days to several weeks to obtain the appropriate documentation.

Fees for Eye Examinations:

The fee for an eye examination varies depending on the number of tests provided. Our fee structure meets the guidelines provided by the College of Optometrists of Ontario and The Canadian Association of Optometrists. We are proud to provide our patients with the highest level of Optometric care.

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