About Contact Lenses


Want to change your eye colour?

Why not have green eyes for just an evening out?

Or make your green eyes even greener.

You don’t even need to have a prescription to wear these fun coloured contacts.

Do you want to go out without wearing your bifocals or bringing your reading glasses? Call us about a multifocal or monovision contact lens fit.

Tired of your glasses fogging up or getting knocked off when you play basketball?

There are several reasons to wear contact lenses and there are so many different types of lenses out there. How do you know what is best for you? This is where we, as your eye doctors, can help you.

Before you consider wearing contact lenses or if you would like to change the type of contacts that you wear, a full eye examination is required. During that examination, several additional tests are performed to assess the suitability of your eye to a contact lens. This includes determining your prescription, the curvature or shape of your eye, dry eye evaluation and eye/general health information. Further information about your work and social life assists us in selecting the best lenses for successful wear.


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