Presbyopia: The Aging Eye – Bifocals verses Monovision

Presbyopia is the age-related vision condition in which the lens of your eye loses its flexibility. This natural aging process makes it difficult to focus on close objects such as reading a book. Contact lenses can correct presbyopia using several different techniques.

One method of contact lens correction is known as monovision. Monovision requires a contact lens for near vision on one eye and a contact lens for distance vision, on the other eye. There is an initial adaptation period, but many individuals adjust quite well.


Another option would be a bifocal or progressive contact lens. The advantage to this system over monovision is that the two eyes are being used together. Unfortunately, these lenses are not available in as many prescriptions as we can correct with a monovision system.

Yet another alternative would be a combination of contact lenses and reading glasses. The distance prescription would be put into the contacts and the bifocal portion of the prescription, would be converted into reading glasses. The advantage to this system is that there is minimal adaptation.

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