There are a number of factors that go into determining the initial cost of contact lenses, including the professional services necessary to provide the best lens selection. Included in our office fee structure, are packages which cover the cost of fitting or refitting you into contact lenses. These fees include all of the instructional appointments, trial lenses, a starter contact lens cleaning solution system and unlimited follow-up care for one year. Contact lenses and their care are not covered under the OHIP system for children, adults and seniors. The College of Optometrists of Ontario and the Ontario Association of Optometrists provide us with guidelines to determine these fees and our office is within these guidelines. If you have supplemental vision care under your insurance policy, your contact lenses are likely to be covered.

Clearly, if you already wear lenses and simply require a replacement, the total cost will be significantly reduced. If our office has not examined your contact lenses before, there may be a professional examination fee to examine the fit and vision of your present lenses. We all come in different shapes, sizes and colours and thus there is no ideal brand of lenses which suits every patient’s needs. Our doctors will fit lenses which, provide good vision, comfort and maximal health to our patients. Our follow-up appointments are designed to monitor all of these critical factors.

Similar to glasses, the complexity of your prescription also influences the cost of the lenses. Astigmatism, bifocal and coloured contacts are more expensive than a simple near or far-sighted prescription. Certain brand or materials also can be more or less expensive. Many of the new high-oxygen materials are slightly more than the traditional contact lens materials.

Our office carries all of the major brands of contact lenses.

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