Sports and Vision

Do you wish you could cut a few strokes off of your golf score? Are you having difficulties returning your tennis partner's serve? Do you feel as if your child always seems to miss the ball? Vision, just like speed and strength, is an important component in how well you play your sport.

There is much more to vision than simply seeing clearly. Your vision is composed of many interrelated skills that can affect how well you play your sport. However, just as exercise and practice can increase your speed and strength, maximum vision may improve your accuracy.

All sports have different visual demands, and during your eye exam, we can assess your vision system and recommend the proper correction (i.e. glasses or contact lenses). In addition, we can discuss some of the other visual skills involved in sports, such as peripheral vision or eye-hand co-ordination. Sometimes we may design a vision therapy program to maximize the visual skills necessary for your specific sport.

At our office we carry a number of sport specific eye wear
Sunglasses (100% UV protection, polarized lenses)
Prescription and non-prescription swim goggles
Prescription and non-prescription ski goggles
Sports goggles (i.e. golf)
Cycling glasses
Contact lenses
Prescription scuba and snorkelling goggles
Please ask which type is best suited for your favourite sport. And you never know - some of these designs may even help you improve your game!

Eye protection should also be a major concern to all athletes, especially in certain high-risk sports. Thousands of individuals suffer sports-related eye injuries each year, and many of them could be prevented by using the proper protective eyewear. This could be as simple as sports goggles while playing racquetball or sunglasses while windsurfing. Sunglasses with 100% UV protection are a must, especially for sports played outdoors. The frequency of eye injuries from sports is not related to your degree of experience – it can happen to the expert as well as to the novice.

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