Edging Laboratory

In 2008, our office was excited to announce a new component to our optical area – an edging glasses laboratory. The Topcon Edging Laboratory System is a state of the art glasses edger!

What does this mean for you?

This state of the art instrument allows us to make your lenses fit perfectly into your eyeglasses frame!

Edging Laboratory
Topcon Edging Laboratory System
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What makes this so special is that it is fully customizable allowing us to control every aspect of lens fitment and can handle any type of lens material and frame design with extreme precision. The instrument works with every material; including plastic, glass, high index, transition and polycarbonate (feather-weight). Whether you wear single vision glasses (just for reading or driving), a bifocal or a progressive (invisible bifocal) lens – we can do it all!

Furthermore, this machine greatly reduces our turn-around time, which just means you get your glasses back faster. If you love your frame and would simply like new lenses, we can do it while you wait. There is no need to give us your frame for an extended period of time. Everything has been installed, calibrated and updated, when necessary. Our edging staff has gone through intensive training and testing to ensure things are running properly. Stop by the lab, located in the lower portion of our office and watch our lab technician make a pair of glasses!

We look forward to providing you with the best pair of glasses and service available in the years to come!

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