Make-Up and Contact Lenses

Using products around the eye area, can cause irritation and put one at risk for an eye infection. Here are some tips to help you wear your contact lenses and your cosmetics safely and comfortably together:

  1. Before putting your contact lenses in, always wash your hands thoroughly to remove any lotions which may contaminate to the surface of the lens
  2. put your contact lenses in before applying makeup
  3. remove your lenses before you remove your make-up
  4. use water-soluble mascara, not water-proof
  5. apply hairspray before putting your contact lenses in
  6. if possible, try to avoid cream or based makeup as it may leave a film on your lenses
  7. if you are using facial creams for medical conditions, on or around the eyes, please let us know. Some medications can have side effects when they are absorbed by the eye or the surrounding skin
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