What to Do and What Not to Do when Wearing Contact Lenses

The following are some general guidelines of successful and safe contact lens wear. This is an example of issues that, as eye doctors, we review during your instructional contact lens appointments. The importance of eye health is essential to understand with respect to anything that touches the eye.

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  • Always wash your hands prior to touching your contact lens or your eye
  • Clean your contact lenses as instructed by our office
  • Replace your storage case on a routine basis – every 3 to 6 months
  • Replace the contact lenses according to the schedule recommended by your optometrist
  • Maintain your follow-up appointment schedule with the doctor
  • Put your make-up on after you put your contact lenses in


  • Don’t use tap or other water on your contact lenses
  • Don’t wash your hands using cream-based soaps – they can leave a residue
  • Don’t use hand lotion prior to inserting your contact lenses – they can coat and ruin your lens
  • Don’t switch cleaning solutions prior to discussing this with our office – you may choose a product that is not compatible with your lens material
  • Don’t ‘top-up’ your cleaning solution – always use fresh solution and rinse your case and leave it to air dry
  • Don’t use excessive eye make-up
  • Don’t share contact lenses with family or a friend – increased risk of eye infection
  • Don’t use contact lenses in hot tubs and use caution when swimming – increased risk of eye infection
  • Don’t wear your contact lenses when you are ill
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