Computer Aided Binocular Vision Training

Our office is excited to be one of the distinguished Ontario practices, which use the Home Therapy System (HTS). The HTS is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use computer application to help children and adults with binocular vision problems. Binocular vision problems, commonly referred to as eyestrain, include issues such as difficulties moving the eyes in a smooth manner, decreased ability to focus from a page to the board, visual fatigue and eye muscle coordination problems. In an office environment, eye strain may make you less productive in your work place and in children, it can seriously affect learning!

Always remember that if your child can’t see, then they cannot learn. Following this, if they cannot see comfortably,
then they cannot learn to their potential!

The HTS runs on most computers and can primarily be done at home. This frees up more time for parents to allocate to other activities, as they are not required to come to the office as frequently. It also allows the patient to choose what time of the day to do their vision training. Most people finish the intense program in 6 to 8 weeks (3- 5 times a day). For the next few months, a much lower intensity or maintenance program will continue – to reinforce the new vision skills. Kids often like it because it is similar to a computer game and it is an area of play (computer based), which they are very comfortable.

HTS is similar to fitness training for your eye muscles. It’s a re-education program for your eyes. And, just like learning to ride a bike, once you teach your eye muscles how to work their best, they don’t forget.

With a computerized system, the doctor’s can monitor a patient’s compliance (i.e. is the child actually doing what they were asked to do) and a very accurate level of performance is available to both the doctor and the patient. The patient can see, in an easy to read format, that they are improving!

Ask our doctors how this system works and if it would be of benefit to you or your child!

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