Professional Regulations

In Ontario, an optometrist’s role is as a primary eye care professional. We are governed by the College of Optometrists of Ontario and are issued a certificate of registration. We must practise according to the established standards of practice (mandatory requirements that a member must meet when conducting an eye examination) and have mandatory continuing education on an annual basis. We must meet these standards to maintain our licence to practice.

College Of Optometrists of Ontario

The College of Optometrists of Ontario is the governing body for entering and practicing optometrists in this province. Their role is to protect the public’s interest and this is accomplished by several means. They evaluate and respond to clinical issues and concerns of their members, the media, the government and the public regarding optometric care. Their role also includes developing reports, recommendations and position statements, and reviewing, defining or clarifying clinical practice and public health issues relating to optometric care. They are the overseer of the Quality Assurance program.

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